Cyber Security Providers for Brisbane & Gold Coast

We provide cyber security services and user awareness training for businesses with 15 to 500 staff.

Network & Cyber Security Services

The impact a cyber security incident has on a small to medium size business can be devastating. With recent high profile cases in the media, business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the modern risks they face and seek ways to protect their assets. Cyber and network security covers a huge range of areas, making it difficult to navigate the best and most cost effective way forward. Our package includes several key areas as standard plus a tailored set of services based on our cyber security audit and needs of your local Brisbane or Gold Coast company.

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Cyber Security Audit & Services Standard Inclusions


A term used for malicious software such as viruses, spyware and trojans to gain access to important information.

Included services:


Update management for operating systems and software


Ensure all connected devices are supported by the vendor


Have an up-to-date anti-virus installed

Scam Emails (Phishing)

Emails that mimic people or organisations you know in an attempt to obtain information or install malware.

Included services:


Ensure employees receive the latest in cyber security training


Configure spam filters to prevent malicious emails


Enable multi-factor authentication to protect user accounts

Data Leaks

Unauthorised sharing or access of company-owned data to an external source.

Included services:


Encrypt sensitive information on mobiles, laptops and desktops


Configure document management and sharing policies


Manage user roles and permissions to control data access

Cyber Security Training

The BITS cyber awareness training is a great resource for every small to medium size company in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast to reduce human risk to cyber security.

  • Keep track of your cyber security score with recommendations for improvement
  • Enrol employees in monthly training to increase cyber security awareness
  • Run simulated phishing attacks and reports to identify if more training is required

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How To Get Your Company Started with a Cyber Security Audit & Services

The first step to a navigating the world of cyber security is to fully understand your IT environment and requirements. An assessment by our providers includes a full audit of your IT systems to identify risks and weaknesses. We will supply a detailed report with recommendations and clear next steps to bring your security up to standard. We also work with our client’s internal IT departments to provide ongoing independent analysis.

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What’s included in our security assessment?


A full review and documentation of IT assets


User log and password strength assessment


Security policy review


Determine staff security training requirements

Talk To Our Consultants About Network Security Services for Your Company

Bernard is the Director at BITS Technology Group who works with clients to plan their IT infrastructure and cyber security. The goal during the first call is to understand your IT environment and business, introduce you to BITS and identify how our providers can help.

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Need Cyber Security Services or Switching Providers?

If you need help with cloud migrations, infrastructure installation and management, ongoing support or cyber security, give us a call. Our managed IT services include unlimited support and proactive monitoring to keep you operating with minimum disruption.


Start With A Call

We start with a 30 minute meeting where we discuss your needs, potential options and gather information on your current environment.


Get An Assessment

If further investigation is required, we will arrange for an audit to be completed by a technician.


Our Recommendation

We will arrange to talk you through our recommendations and pricing so you have a clear understanding.