Essential Eight Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents

The Australian Government recommends that businesses implement eight essential mitigation strategies as a baseline to protect against cyber-attacks. These key areas have been researched and chosen as the most effective in the prevention of cyber crime and cost-effective in terms of time, money and effort for businesses.

Cyber Security Consultant

Strategies can be customised for each business depending on its risk profile. The Cyber Security Health Check from BITS Technology Group identifies where your business is most at risk across the Essential Eight for more effective planning. Our consultant will review your health check and recommend the best approach to achieve maturity in each area with the least impact on your business.

Business Considerations

Ensure your approach allows for functionality as well as security. Although there are a wide range of security settings and policies that can be applied to applications, they are pointless if they prevent you from doing your tasks. Changing or restricting administrative privileges can break integrations and affect your network settings, causing downtime or cost to rectify the issues. For these reasons and more, we recommend to have a well-thought out plan before committing to action.

Risk Mitigation

IT environment documentation, change management and testing should be part of any cyber security initiative. Remember, it can take time to document information such users and their roles, applications and integrations, your network and connections and all other aspects of your IT infrastructure. However, once complete it will form an essential part of your business and pave the way for future business maturity in technology and cyber security.

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