Cyber Security Risk Assessment
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Security assessments can help uncover security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your IT infrastructure, as well as provide insights into potential upgrades or modifications required to support your evolving needs. It can identify potential entry points for cyberattacks, unauthorised access, or data breaches. By identifying these risks, you can take proactive measures to enhance your network security, protect your sensitive information and meet compliance requirements.

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Types of Cyber Security Risk Assessments

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Network and Security Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation of an organisation’s network infrastructure and security measures. A specialist is assigned to review data and information across a 30-point checklist to document misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. The assessment aims to optimise network performance, enhance security, ensure compliance with regulations, and provide recommendations for improvements to support scalability, troubleshoot issues, and protect against cyber threats.

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Microsoft 365 Assessment

A thorough evaluation of an organisation’s utilisation and implementation of Microsoft 365’s suite of applications and services. It encompasses evaluating the effectiveness of platform tools, such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Teams, and other associated services. The assessment aims to analyse usage patterns, security settings, data management practices, and user experience to identify areas for optimisation, enhance productivity, improve collaboration, strengthen security measures, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Reasons to Get A Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Network Performance Optimisation

Identify vulnerabilities and configuration issues that may be affecting the performance of your network.

Enhance Incident Response

Identify gaps in your incident response plan, assess the effectiveness of your security controls

Security Enhancement

Identify potential entry points for cyberattacks, unauthorised access, or data breaches.

Scalability and Future Planning

Evaluate your current infrastructure and determine its scalability and ability to handle future growth.

Troubleshooting & Issue Resolution

Identify network hardware or software compatability issues that may be causing disruptions or slowdowns.

Enhance Incident Response

Some industries have specific compliance and regulatory requirements regarding network security and data privacy.

Cost Optimisation

Reveal inefficiencies or redundant components within your network.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Identify vulnerabilities that may impact your ability to recover from a network failure or a catastrophic event.
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What’s Next? Getting More From Your Assessment

While a cyber security risk assessment provides crucial insights into your current infrastructure, it is only the starting point. BITS Technology Group offer complete Managed IT and Cyber Security Services designed to turn insight into strategy. We will help you align IT infrastructure to your specific needs and objectives and get the most from your IT.

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Cyber Security User Training
“The ongoing advice, management and services provided by BITS Technology Group has consistently allowed our firm to explore new technologies in establishing ongoing efficiencies during the continued growth of our business.”

Andrew Lawrenson
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BITS Technology Group acts like our in-house tech department. They understand the needs and budgetary constraints of a small business and have worked with us to provide solutions that match our growth demands. The BITS team provides excellent support and are always responsive to our needs. We have been a happy client of BITS for the past 3 years and highly recommend their services

Michelle La Franchi
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We have been customers of BITS for many years now and we have been extremely happy with the service we have received. We are an allied health clinic and all our systems are cloud based, online and require security which BITS look after. If we ever have any issues they respond efficiently and resolve the problem. Their staff are great and explain everything clearly and thoroughly. I would highly recommend BITS.”

Wayne Robinson
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BITS Manage our entire IT ecosystem – from strategy through to support. They are flexible enough to cater to our specific needs and agile enough to keep up with our growth – which in an acquisitions business, is paramount. They even have staff members embedded and dedicated to our business.”

Tomas Steenackers
National Veterinary Care

We have worked on a number of projects to date, a few of which have included – moving our 2 offices onto linked telephone systems, upgrading our infrastructure, drastically improving our cyber security, dealing with 2 office expansions and we are now transitioning our workforce to an improved one device user set up, providing significantly improved flexibility, ultimately reducing costs. BITS have provided me with a level of comfort I couldn’t have expected from an external service provider and I consider many of their team as valued members of our own team.

Kathryn Milczewski
Rose Litigation Lawyers

They know our business, they know what’s important to us from both a technology point of view and our overall business focus, and they’re really proactive in supporting those goals.

Brett Aspel
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“Bernard and the team at BITS were prompt , flexible with my opening hours and provided additional information to support my choice of hardware that would best suit a Acupuncture clinic to work in conjunction with private health terminals and security. I will definitely continue to recommend BITS.”

Rachel Volp
Vyne Health