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Gain an objective perspective, exposing blind spots and gaining visibility into the security gaps that could have been missed so you can prioritise your security budget. Test the investments you have made in your cyber security tools and technology to determine if any vulnerabilities or gaps exist and whether they can stop a sophisticated attack on your organisation.

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What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is the process of simulating real-world attacks by
using the same techniques as malicious hackers. Penetration testing is one of the most comprehensive ways for organisations to develop an understanding of the level of cyber security risk that they carry.
Understanding these risks allows organisations to meet industry
compliance and regulatory requirements. Additionally, penetration
testing allows organisations to develop strategies for the management and remediation of vulnerabilities to reduce overall risk to their business and sensitive data.

Why Penetration Testing?


 Proactively defend against cyber attacks


Set a baseline for your security program


Meet compliance standards


Improve your overall security posture

Security Testing Services

External Network Testing

Evaluate the security and accessibility of network infrastructure from outside sources.

Internal Network Testing

Identify vulnerabilities and ensure a secure and reliable network environment for internal users and systems.

Web Application Testing

Evaluate the functionality, security, and performance of a web-based software application.

Wireless Network Testing

Evaluate the performance, security, and reliability of wireless networks.

Phishing Test & Awareness Training

Educate and assess staff’s ability to respond to potential threats.

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Security Testing Process



An initial meeting will be scheduled with one of our experienced consultants to determine your security requirements.



A proposal is developed detailing the specifics of test, including recommendations to ensure that industry compliance requirements are met.


The penetration testing is conducted to check for vulnerabilities in the environment.



Detailed findings outlining risk level, impact and recommendations are delivered in a written report.


Following the delivery of the report, one of our experienced consultants will meet with your representatives to discuss outcomes of the report and remediation steps

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