Hackers Target People, Not Computers

Over 90% of breaches occur due to human error.

Help Your Team Become Cyber Aware

Cybercriminals target businesses through their end users. They often use information shared on social networks and other locations online to gain peoples’ trust. When end users unwittingly click phishing links, open malware attachments, or give up credentials and other sensitive information online, cybercriminals can bypass existing layers of security to successfully breach an entire organisation.

Businesses Are At Risk

Organisations have spent the last decade building and ensuring IT systems are secure. For this reason, hackers have changed their strategy and are increasingly targeting your staff. Cyber Awareness Training offers a complete solution to test, train, measure and reduce your human risk.

  1. Do your staff know how to identify a phishing attack?
  2. Would all staff know what action to take if they are infected with ransomware?
  3. Do staff know what a secure password is and why password hygiene is important?
  4. Do staff know what data is considered confidential and how this data should be treated?

Reduce Human Risk

Simulations allow staff to experience the methods hackers use in a safe and constructive way. With monthly phishing campaigns, we usually see on average an 80% reduction in risk over 8 months from a baseline reading.

Build A Cyber Resilient Culture

Cyber Awareness Training provides relevant and regular phishing simulations to foster a supportive and cautious cyber resilient culture.

Measure Risk Reduction

You can review reports each month showing a detailed breakdown of each campaign and the staff/departments at risk.

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