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About BITS Technology Group

BITS Technology Group is a ‘Culture First’ Managed IT Services and IT Consulting business who believe that technology should be a catalyst for growth, stability and success for both industry professionals and businesses. Many of our clients have a head office in Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane or regional Queensland and choose to work with us for our tailored approach, dynamic team and ‘human’ IT service.

Why Work At BITS

BITS Technology Group are revolutionising the workplace. You spend 1/3 of your life at work and we believe in making that 1/3 of your life enjoyable and fulfilling. Not only do you get to work with a bunch of amazing professionals, but there are also some really great perks!

Innovative Atmosphere

Keeping an open environment is essential to developing a great work culture. We pride ourselves on continuously searching for new and better solutions for our clients and for our team. We encourage new ideas that push our limits and make us better as a company.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Upon passing your probationary period, staff can choose to work two days a week from home. We’re flexible with these arrangements when the team need to move days around, just ask!

Coffee + Beer on Tap

If you know us, you know we have a bit of an obsession with beer and coffee. We love them so much we have kegs on tap for the office. Trust us, we make the most of it!

Social Events

BITS focus on being friends first, colleagues second. With regular social work events, we strengthen our bonds and get to know each other as people. We believe developing relationships within our team adds tremendous value to what makes us a successful company. These events include bowling, VR gaming, brewery events, go-karting, and much more!

Enhance Your Skills

We’re always looking to improve our team’s skills in alignment with our clients needs. Our learning bounty board ensures there’s always qualifications available for you to sink your teeth into and be rewarded for! Time alotted during business hours as well as a bonus upon completion.

Open Office

We have an open office concept with plenty of fresh air. A bit of sunshine and a nice breeze can make all the difference. Our outdoor space is perfect for catching some rays.


Collaborative Relationship

We’re proud of having an open and honest relationship with our employees. We believe working together and listening to one another to push us to be better. We encourage employees to have conversations with management on how they can achieve better work lives and workflow.

Great Location

Like to be close to great facilities? Look no further. Literally. It’s all on our doorstep. Restaurants, takeaway, a lakeside walking/running track, shops, gyms and more are all within 2 blocks. We’re big on lifestyle.

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Award Winning Business – Year After Year

Since 2017 BITS Technology Group has been recognised by its peers for business growth, research and development, community initiatives, management initiatives, environmental practices and more. Another great reason to choose BITS!

  • GCBEA May 2023 IT & Digital Business Award Winner
  • YE Gold Coast 2023 Technology Finalist
  • GCBEA May 2022 IT & Digital Business Award Winner
  • YE Gold Coast 2022 Technology Finalist
  • GCBEA June 2021 IT & Digital Business Award Winner
  • GCBEA June 2019 Mayor’s Innovation GC Award Winner
  • GCBEA May 2018 IT & Digital Award Winner
  • GCBEA 2018 Encouragement Award Winner
  • YE Gold Coast 2017, 2018 and 2019 Technology Winner

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Why Clients Choose BITS

At BITS, we aim to be recognised by our clients as a technology partner who humanises IT, unifies teams to achieve successful outcomes and delivers solutions in an easy-to-understand format. Delivering on these promises starts with our people.

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Clarity On IT Deliverables

Clients feel confident they understand the solution put forward and can easily explain it to their team.

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No IT Jargon

Client facing documents are free of complicated industry jargon and written in business language.

bits office support team

Reduce Disruption

We take the time to learn how our client’s business works and provide a service that best meets their needs.

managed it project manager

Building Relationships

Working together with our clients is essential to truly understand the problem they’re facing and advise the right solution.