Protect The Most Important Areas Of Your Business

Businesses every day face the daunting challenge of addressing their cyber security risk. However, very few have the resources, or knowledge, of where to start and what critical actions to take. When onboarding a client, we look at several areas to recommend what should go into your toolkit and how to best manage them such as:

Information Security

Define what information is important and how it should be handled.

Authentication Security

Review and implement robust authentication security for all systems and staff.

Network and WiFi Security

Networks are configured and maintained with cyber security considerations.

Email Security

The organisation’s email security is robust and defends from the most common threats.

Software Security

Software and operating systems are configured and maintained to ensure security.

Internet Security

Secure web browsers and implement controls to ensure safe internet usage by all staff.

Website Security

Security and availability of your website environment.

Device Security

The organisation’s devices are safe both in and out of the office.

Anti-Virus Protection

Implement best practice endpoint protection and management.

Removable Media

Staff understand the risks of removable media and safe behaviour.

Regulatory Requirements

The organisation operates within applicable local and international privacy/security regulations.

Remote Working

Staff are aware of safe behaviour and systems are set up correctly for remote connection.

Disaster Recovery

Test and implement a robust and reliable recovery system should disaster strike.

Security Awareness

Address human cyber risk and foster a cyber aware culture.

Operational Security

Operational team has resources and procedures to be cyber safe.

Policy Library

Clear and meaningful policies to address and reduce cyber risk.

Each business is unique and may not need the same tools in their toolkit. Talk to our cyber security specialist about tailoring an action plan to best suit your needs by emailing [email protected] or calling 1300 248 748.