If you were to describe the Gold Coast business landscape, in a nutshell, rocket science and space engineering probably wouldn’t be the first industries that spring to mind.

Gilmour Space Technologies is out to change that perception.

Founded by brothers Adam and James Gilmour, the company’s mission is to provide low-cost access to space through its own designs of small payload suborbital and orbital rockets.

The launch of Gilmour Space Tech’s first suborbital rocket is scheduled for 1Q19, and earlier this year the company signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA to test out new innovations.

Now, as the company sits on the precipice of its most extraordinary phase of growth yet, Gilmour Space Tech has entered a new partnership with BITS Technology Group to ensure its IT systems are firing flawlessly.

Because, as it turns out, even rocket engineers need IT support.

“We are about to experience rapid growth in the next six to nine months, and we need technology that we’re able to scale up and scale down easily if we need it,” says James Gilmour.

“I think a company is only as strong as its weakest link and particularly these days, IT is such an integral component and essential capability to business success.”

“That’s why we brought on the BITS team to take over a managed IT service for us.”

Founded by young entrepreneurs Bernard Mangelsdorf and Kane Sajdak, BITS Technology Group is a full-service IT firm that operates proactively, rather than providing ad hoc resources, for businesses of any size and industry niche.

Mangelsdorf and Sajdak first met the Gilmour brothers as finalists in the Technology category at the 2017 Young Entrepreneur Awards.

When Gilmour Space Technologies approached the BITS team to implement its new IT strategy, including ongoing maintenance and support, it was a no-brainer for the duo.

“Bernard and I are geeks at heart, so first off anything to do with space is extremely cool,” says Sajdak.

“But by the same token, having a niche customer is very important to us because it shows our skills are broad and we can support everyone, from your standard corporates and executives to companies like Gilmour Space Tech who are flying rockets into outer space.”

Sajdak says Gilmour Space Tech is at a critical stage of its business, where the right IT setup has never been more important.

“Gilmour Space Tech is about to experience explosive growth due to the major breakthroughs that they’re having, and they need to have the right systems and processes in place to enable that,” he says.

“It’s analogous to their business they are at a point where they can launch and fail, or launch and succeed, and it’s all in the setup.

“If they have the right systems, processes and support companies like us in place to handle that growth and make sure they are set up for success, it will be a success.”

BITS Technology Group has a reputation for providing intuitive IT systems to entrepreneurs and companies that are on the fast track to growth.