Carly Fradgley – CEO of Baby Give Back
Sadly, there are many children in our local community who are vulnerable and don’t have access to the essentials such as a nappies, toiletries, a cot and many more items. This is why BITS Technology Group is supporting Baby Give Back. Baby Give Back is a leading Queensland charity that collects, cleans and safety-checks donated baby essentials from local communities.  They aim to break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage for vulnerable families, by providing clean, safe, baby essentials and transform the lives of the 1 in 6 children in Queensland who are living in poverty. The work that Baby Give Back does in the community is key to ensuring vulnerable children have the items they need, which is why, we are standing behind them on the 1st of June as they hold their Every Baby Counts Giving Day. A day where all donations made by the community to Baby Give Back will be TRIPLED by their matching partners. BITS Technology Group has pledged $5,000 to support Baby Give Back and show that Every Baby Counts so we can ensure every vulnerable child who needs the essential items has access to them. Please consider making a gift today at and your donation will be tripled. All donations over $2 are tax deductible and being so close to the end of financial year, this is a great opportunity to give a gift and claim it back straight away. If you would like to learn more about the work that Baby Give Back does in the community, I would be happy to connect you with the founder and CEO, Carly Fradgley.