Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s fastest growing product and a business software tool you should start taking advantage of. Below are some expert tips to make sure your business is using Microsoft 365 to its full capacity.

1. The Power of OneDrive

Regardless of where your colleagues are working from, all your documents will be accessible from any device through OneDrive. A handy function when employees are working from home. This smart feature allows multiple members the ability to edit files at the same time. Have you had trouble opening documents that had been saved in the incorrect format? Maybe your system doesn’t recognise the file? Luckily with OneDrive you won’t have that issue. Forget emailing attachments and files. Instead you will simply send a link to all members you wish to have access to the file. Working in a team has never seemed easier!

2. Time-Saving Shortcuts

Many people forget the abundance of keyboard shortcuts on Microsoft Excel that will save you time and energy. By spending less time trying to type formulas and data, you can focus on the important things.

3. Say Goodbye to Missed Meetings

The ease of Microsoft 365 isn’t only within using documents and shortcut functions but also in those important (but sometimes missed) meetings. Being part of any business, it can be difficult constantly sending meeting reminders. Thanks to the meeting feature, not only will recipients receive reminders and updates but they can also set up recurring meetings.

4. The Beauty of the Declutter Feature

Ever struggled with finding an important email amongst all the junk mail that somehow slips through? With Microsoft’s Declutter Feature, you can say goodbye to junk mail through training the Outlook software. By marking any unwanted messages you receive as ‘clutter’, the system will automatically move similar messages to that ‘clutter’ folder every time they arrive.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

We all know that technology is always evolving and it can be difficult to keep up with the changes. It is important for the team to always be updated with any changes that help improve the systems and processors within your business. Through relevant training such as Microsoft 365 training and tutorial portal, anyone and everyone is able to take advantage of training resources. 

This brilliant tool provides more than just the basics. There is a world of hidden features that will transform the efficiency and productivity of your business. Make sure you’re using it to its full capacity!

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