Using SharePoint can be overwhelming and complex at a glance, however, it’s perfect for businesses especially when it comes to collaborating. In a world that is more virtual than ever before, SharePoint will become a valuable tool for you.

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based service that helps organisations, teams or businesses share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to:

  • Empower teamwork
  • Quickly find and source information
  • Seamlessly collaborate across teams

Here’s what you can do with SharePoint right now

  • Upload files to your SharePoint document library so you can access them from anywhere. Simply drag files from your computer into your document library. In Microsoft 365, you can click ‘Upload’ located in the command bar. If you use Microsoft Edge, you can upload either files or folders.
  • Work with others on the same document, at the same time. In a time where we can’t always be collaborating in the office, we can easily be working off the same document in SharePoint. The number of people currently editing the document appears at the top right of the document.
  • Keep previous versions of a document while you make changes to it. In SharePoint, you can right-click a document in the library and then click Version History (you might have to scroll through the menu). This will allow you to source any previous versions of your document.
  • If you need to, lock & secure your documents. Whether you need to hide a sensitive document or you would like to prevent any further changes being made before you’re finished, this setting will provide the security you are after.
  • Create a team site. SharePoint team site is a website that contains your document library, project tracker, calendar, task list etc. You can set the site up in any way you please and then invite team members to it. This is an easy and quick way to start sharing and collaborating!

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Through utilising the BiTS team for your SharePoint needs, you will receive an in-depth analysis to identify your current set-up and rectify any issues before they arise. We document all aspects of your data environment and talk to you about the opportunities to get the most from the SharePoint program. If you’re moving into SharePoint, you will have a clear structure of how and when things will move across to help manage the change for your users.

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