So, reviewing which centralised email and word document system is right for you? Heard a few of your friends use Gmail and love it, but you’ve also heard majority of businesses are with 365, How do you know what one is the right fit for you?

It’s very important that when setting up with an email exchange, you pick the right one to begin with, as migration can be a staggering process and sometimes costly if you need to change email addresses that are on marketing material.

A few questions you need to ask yourself: If I went with Google, can my entire business solely operate using their documents systems, have you reviewed what this looks like? As Word, Excel, Power Point etc. are products of Microsoft (Office 365). If you wanted the benefits of Word, Excel, etc. then it is always easier to go with Office 365 as everything integrates and it’s all from the one developer.

G-Suite works exceptionally well if your entire office can go completely Google and not use Microsoft products. It’s either you’re all in with Google or you’re all out.