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Cloud Migration Solutions

Whether you are udertaking the migration of your entire business into a cloud environment or want to transition to a hybrid solution, our specialists work with a variety of Brisbane and Gold Coast clients to achieve an IT environment that is flexible, scalable, accessible and secure. Our process is tailored to each business, therefore experience is essential to choose the right technology stack and services that aligns with your needs. Our experts based in Varsity Lake are knowledgeable with a wide range of apps and platforms, from best in class to industry-specific.

The Cloud Explained

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Cloud-based Environments and Apps

Public Cloud

With the world of cloud computing growing faster every day, our shared experience working across many of the common SaaS (software-as-a-service), (PaaS) Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and (IaaS) Infrastructure-as-a-Service mix enables us to find the right mix for your business. When migrating clients to the cloud, we partner with providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS that meet our high expectations for security, maintenance and uptime. 

Hybrid Solutions

If you require a private cloud or on-premise environment but want to take advantage of public cloud applications, a hybrid solution can help you achieve your goals. We design solutions that enable businesses to operate effectively and safely while maintaining unified access and synchronisation across systems. This type of solution has recently been in high demand as end-users work remotely. 

Private Cloud

Whether engaging us to support and manage your current environment or onboard you into a private cloud, we design a plan for the future. We assess your current state of business and provide recommendations that optimise your investment in technology. If compliance is a priority for you, our specialised team will work with you to meet requirements, such as using local Australian data centres.

Talk To A Specialist Cloud Consultant for your Brisbane or Gold Coast Business

Based in Varsity Lakes, Bernard is the Director at BITS Technology Group who, as a cloud computing specialist, works with clients to plan their IT infrastructure, cyber security and cloud migration. The goal during the first call is to understand your IT environment and business, introduce you to BITS and identify how we can help.

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Cloud Migration Process

When moving to the cloud, having a well-thought out plan and change-management strategy is pivotal for a successful transformation for your Brisbane or Gold Coast operation. It is important to look at all areas of the business to document current and future state to get a clear picture of requirements and cost. Our detailed report, recommendations and advisory ensures business owners have a clear view of the value gained and outcomes that can be achieved when moving to the cloud.

Steps to a cloud migration:

1. Define business objectives
Our cloud computing specialists meet with you and your team to understand how your business operates in your current IT environment. We identify pain points and areas for improvement to build a business case for moving to the cloud. From remote work enablement to accessing cloud-based apps, our cloud specialist will recommend how to achieve your goals and include this on a high-level strategy.

2. Audit of local services and how they work
Our technical team of cloud computing specialist will create a detailed audit of your IT environment to determine suitability for migration, identify what will be moved and plan a timeline of events. We identify services that could be retired and moved into a PaaS offering (platform-as-a-service), such as Microsoft Azure, and any custom-made tools that require special planning. During this time, your advisor will discuss and document risk mitigation strategies and security policies to give a clear picture of the new environment.

3. Scope of works and project delivery
Your project manager will detail every aspect of your project and introduce you to your BITS team. They will be with you every step of the way as your single-point of contact and liase with your team to execute a smooth migration. At the end of the project, they will loop you in with your technical advisor to review project outcomes and discuss future planning. 

Cloud Backup
and Disaster Recovery

What happens if there is an outage or unforeseen circumstance that prevents you from continuing business as normal? We ask all of our clients this question to highlight the need for a plan in place should disaster strike. To answer this question, we perform an audit of your IT environment to document all of your assets, users, permissions and more. We will then discuss with you your recovery options in terms of budget and up-time requirements to ensure the desired balance is achieved.

What happens if there is an outage?


We will respond within agreed guaranteed SLA times


We will restore servers, apps and data as per the recovery plan


Your designated staff will receive intructions on steps to take

Need Cloud Migration Services in Brisbane?

If you need help with cloud migrations, infrastructure installation and management, ongoing support or cyber security, give us a call. Our managed IT services include unlimited support and proactive monitoring to keep you operating with minimum disruption.


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We start with a 30 minute meeting where we discuss your needs, potential options and gather information on your current environment.


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