The Problem – Copper Disconnect due to NBN

This Gold Coast and Brisbane – based law firm reached out to BITS Technology Group as they were approaching a copper disconnection due to the NBN rollout in their area. They needed a modern cloud-based phone solution that could connect both offices and also wanted to leverage their technology to meet their growing requirements. In addition, they wanted to ensure they were taking the best precautions from a cyber security standpoint to protect their data and the data of their clients. The client requested that BITS provide a solution that would ensure they could continue business as usual before the disconnection date.

As part of BITS Technology Group’s solution development, our team carried out an IT audit and business review to identify other areas that could benefit from the migration. Areas identified included better connectivity with the client’s PMS system LEAP, an overhaul of existing networks to improve uptime and reliability, and implementing Microsoft 365/Teams/SharePoint.

The Solution – Cloud Voice, Cyber Security and Managed IT Services

BITS completed a full audit of the client’s IT environment and gave recommendations to bring the business into a modern IT solution.

Cyber Security

Cyber security was of high concern for the client, who requested that BITS provide a list of infrastructure upgrades and a cyber security program outline that would ensure the modern standard of protection was met and continuously maintained. We created a plan that included new equipment where required, ongoing monitoring by our team for security alerts, a quarterly review and recommendations by our cyber security specialist, ongoing optimisation by our team of IT infrastructure including patching and end-of-life systems, and a staff cyber-security training program to enable management to upskill their team and test their competency against cyber-security attacks.

Cloud Voice

BITS implemented a cloud voice solution that would provide an upgrade to current systems and enable the client to move to Microsoft Teams Calling in future. Our voice solution is tailored to the client’s needs, but includes as standard:

    • Ring Groups, Hunt Groups, Queues

    • Call Flows, Automatic Time Conditions

    • Voicemail, Voicemail to Email

    • Music on Hold, Custom IVRs,

    • Call recording, Call Barging, Paging

Business Continuity Plan and Backups

Our team developed a BCP based on the client’s needs, which is ultimately an assessment of acceptable level of downtime versus cost. As part of onboarding, BITS built a matrix of all programs used by the business and identified their critical levels and backup requirements. Our team then created a plan that contains vital information for data recovery, business operations, contact and role information and an outline of timeframes.

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During onboarding, our client has chosen to schedule a specific daily full backup of system state, company data and SQL databases for each server. Each Microsoft server additionally maintains shadow copies throughout the day for granular recovery. We have dedicated system administration staff that monitor the backup jobs and test the images regularly via a restore to a virtual machine. We monitor the rotation of backup destination devices.

Help Desk Management

The client was onboarded onto our BAMS (BITS Assured Managed Services) that provided 24/7 technical support, along with a range of other benefits. This included a client portal, emergency paging service, onboarding and offboarding services for equipment, user management, device optimisation, licence management, remote access and monitoring service, guaranteed response times, ongoing maintenance of IT infrastructure, a dedicated account manager to perform quarterly reviews and more.

The Outcome

Working from home has been the ultimate goal for many businesses since the COVID-19 pandemic hit due to isolation requirements and the employer benefit for staff. Our cloud solution enabled the entire team from both Brisbane and Gold Coast offices to easily work uninterrupted from the office or at home using a single cable to plug in their Microsoft Surface laptops. Staff have access to BITS technical support even when working remotely if any problems arise and the client’s cyber-security standard is maintained.

Review from Our Client

How has the business improved since engaging with BITS and having implemented our various projects so far?

Some of the factors that contributed to our decision to enter an MSA with BITS were that we saw in them many of the attributes we pride ourselves on. There was an alignment of values, a focus on the local community and supporting local businesses, as well as a commercial and outcome focus in the delivery of services to their clients.

Since entering into our MSA, our firm has grown and matured as a business and we have long left behind our previous break/fix model of IT management. We now have a fully functional IT department, only a phone call or email away – dealing with BITS truly is like an extension of our own business.

We have worked on a number of projects to date, a few of which have included – moving our 2 offices onto linked telephone systems, upgrading our infrastructure, drastically improving our cyber security, dealing with 2 office expansions and we are now transitioning our workforce to an improved one device user set up, providing significantly improved flexibility, ultimately reducing costs.

BITS have provided me with a level of comfort I couldn’t have expected from an external service provider and I consider many of their team as valued members of our own team.

Thank you BITS for your proactive and service oriented approach to doing business!

Operations Manager

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