working from home

The Problem

We get a lot of enquiries about migrating an on-premise environment into the cloud, and often in high-risk situations such as when the on-premise solution is nearing it’s end of life. In this case, our client’s on-premise solution failed during discussions to move them into the cloud, which made the change a quick decision. We needed to act quickly on a short-term solution to enable the team to keep working, and a long-term solution in a new cloud environment. In addition, the team needed the ability to work remotely and were relying on a system that didn’t meet their requirements.

The Solution

We recovered their data from their failed server and converted domain user profiles into local profiles, which enabled them to log into their computers whilst their server was down. These profiles were then migrated into Azure AD for easy cloud access.

The chosen cloud file management system, SharePoint, was configured to meet the business’ structure and permission requirements. A backup schedule was implemented and data was migrated to SharePoint directories. All computers were reconfigured for the new cloud environment and we enabled data syncing across the many devices used by the staff to ensure a streamlined remote working experience.

The Outcome

The team was successfully onboarded into the new environment and were no longer required to work in an office connected to a local service. They now also had a secure way to store and share data with clients, maintaining a high level of security whilst working from home.

To learn more about migrating to the cloud, check out our page. We also have a post about the cloud with some handy information here. If you would like to talk to a cloud migration expert, send us a message or give us a call on 1300 248 748.