Everyone is talking about the cloud, but what is it? Where is it? Is it secure? Most importantly, what does it mean for me and my business?  
Before cloud was a thing most businesses had an on-site server, the brains to their operation; Ever since cloud technologies were released, more and more businesses are migrating to this platform, so what’s the hype? A cloud server is a server that isn’t physically located on your site, it is in a secure location with whichever supplier is as best fit for your businesses to manage it. Some major benefits are: If anyone breaks into your business, there is a fire, or something happens to your physical server, it can take weeks to recover or is often unrecoverable. Whereas a cloud server is 99.95% secure and as it isn’t located on your site, you don’t need to worry about theft, fire, old hardware malfunctions, you can even work remotely or move your entire office with ease.  
A cloud server is also flexible to your needs, if you upscale, a cloud server will upscale with you, and that works the same for down-sizing, so this know prevents you from outlaying a large amount of capital on a server then either outgrowing it quicker than expected or never needing one as spec’d up as you got to begin with, you no longer waste capital on over or under investing in hardware. 

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