How fast do we help?

Can I get Immediate Support?

We’d love to say “Yes”, all the time, however, it’s not always possible.

The way outsourced IT works, is that you’re sharing our team with the rest of our clients. The benefit is that this costs far less than what it does to hire your own dedicated IT Department.

To provide guaranteed immediate help, we’d need to have a full-time team dedicated to your company for this to happen (and your IT costs would likely be 10 times what they are now).

So, we do the next best thing – we built our processes so we can help you as quick as possible for the items you need help with the quickest (we call these Critical issues).

How do you prioritise my requests?

We’d love to treat every request as a Critical issue for you, however, the reality is that if you have a real Critical issue, you’d no doubt want us to stop working on low priority tasks to work on your Critical issue. So,
that’s exactly what we do.

If we’re working on a low priority request (like a new user) and a Critical issue (like a complete network outage) comes through, we quickly wrap up the low priority request and jump on to your Critical request.

Here is how we define urgency

No Urgency – Feature or change request – will be completed when all other requests have been actioned
Minor Urgency – Issue is an inconvenience and can be worked around
Moderate Urgency – Interruption to one or more work functions. Can be worked around or other work can be carried on within the interim
High Urgency – Unable to work or use infrastructure. Requires dedicated resolutions
Business Critical – Business unable to trade or trading significantly impacted. All hands on deck.

Here is how we prioritise requests


Response Times

Our managed services contracts have a 4-hour SLA (Service Level Agreement) unless otherwise stated in your contract. This is the time from when you put in a support request to the time when our Service Delivery
Manager reviews the ticket, assigns it a priority level and assigns the ticket to a technician.

Resolution Times

There are many factors that impact when your ticket will be resolved by a technician. However, here are the
estimated resolution times based on Ticket Priority.

None – Within one week of submission
Low – Within sixteen business hours
Medium – Within eight business hours
High – Within four business hours
Urgent – Within one business hour

How do you manage my request?

To help us manage the hundreds of requests we get each week, we use an amazing piece of technology that helps us track, prioritise and schedule every single one of these requests.

We prioritise all our work for clients on our Managed Support plans in order of highest priority (Critical) to lowest priority (No Priority) based on the priority levels above.


In the unlikely event that your issue isn’t being handled as fast or effectively as desired, please reach out to Jesse Whitton – who manages the BITS Support Team to express your concerns and update the urgency of the issue. Jesse can then escalate the ticket again, addressing any delays. You can contact Jesse on [email protected], [email protected] or on 1300 248 748.

Until then, enjoy the rest of the day!