Internet Connectivity

High-Speed Business Internet for Queensland Companies

Business Grade Internet

BITS Technology Group is changing the way businesses get their internet. We go beyond a basic plan to determine your business requirements as a whole and determine your suitability for a range of options. Depending on your needs, such as number of staff, local resource demand and budget, we will advise the most suitable option for now and in future.

Business NBN Plans

Our range of business NBN options can be customised to get you the level of speed you need. All connections come with business support, unlimited downloads and static IP address that is suited for VPN connections and various services. If you require something lightning fast, our team can get you set up with a premium grade guaranteed low-contention plan or private fibre and advise you on how to maximise your connection with the right network infrastructure.

Fixed Wireless

BITS Technology Group’s very own subsidiary BITS WIRELESS is changing the way businesses get connected – without the need to additional telephone lines or costly install and build fees. We get you connected directly to our private wireless network to get you the fastest speeds for your area.

4G and Satellite 

While we don’t directly sell these options, our team works with clients primarily in regional areas or on construction sites to recommend networking infrastructure, arrange installation and get connected to the internet.

Where possible, we offer 4G backup as an option to keep customers connected should their main line have an outage.

Get Connected

Our goal is to get you the best outcome by understanding your business needs, IT environment and connection capabilities. Talk to our consultant today to get started.

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Need Managed IT Services or Switching Providers?

If you need help with cloud migrations, infrastructure installation and management, ongoing support or cyber security, give us a call. Our managed IT services include unlimited support and proactive monitoring to keep you operating with minimum disruption.


Start With A Call

We start with a 30 minute meeting where we discuss your needs, potential options and gather information on your current environment.


Get An Assessment

If further investigation is required, we will arrange for an audit to be completed by a technician.


Our Recommendation

We will arrange to talk you through our recommendations and pricing so you have a clear understanding.