Moving To VoIP Phones

If your conventional landline phone system is ready for an upgrade or if NBN has recently rolled through your area, you have likely been considering cloud-based phone systems (VoIP).

Modernise Your IT

This method of communication has been around for many years and is known for its low cost-per-call, service mobility and wide range of versatile features. However, the term VoIP has also become synonymous with poor call quality that has long since been remedied with improvements in internet speeds and technology. Cloud-based phone systems have since become a best-option for a business wanting to modernise their IT.

Planning Your Hardware and Infrastructure

BITS Technology Group works with business owners and managers to understand their needs and recommend the best hardware and configuration among the many options available. This includes an assessment of IT infrastructure to ensure the requirements are met for the phones to function. Employees can mix and match headsets, DECT phones and handsets to suit their needs as some may prefer a corded option and some hands-free.

Multi-Device Calling

Another benefit of VoIP is that you no longer need hunt lines to manage incoming and outgoing calls. This is managed by the cloud-based phone system, whether it is 1 call or 1000 calls to your single phone number. This feature also helps with reliability and remote work – calls can be answered by your computer or your mobile.

Cloud Phone Configuration Options

Click here to see some common cloud-based phone systems with pricing and here to see a list of configuration options.

Of course, these are just a few of the options available. Many phone systems have options for cameras, headset add-ons and more. Talk to us about your business requirements and how switching to a cloud-based phone system could save you money and modernise your IT by emailing [email protected]