Despite awareness of basic cyber security needs and high-profile breaches, the state of readiness for most businesses when it comes to cyber security is bleak. The need for better cyber-hygiene is evident from staff training, using stronger passwords, protective software and many other important security steps.

What your business is dealing with

Let us break it down for you. Here are the facts:

  • Approximately $634 million is lost by Australians to scams in 2019. While the true cost to the Australian economy is difficult to quantify, industry estimates have previously placed cyber security theft as costing the economy up to $29 billion annually.
  • The most common threat is malicious emails. Phishing mails have consistently remained the most common cyber security incidents reported.
  • An increase of 30% was found in cyber security threats across 2018*.

It’s not all doom & gloom

At BITS Technology Group we thrive in getting you and your business prepared so you don’t become another statistic. Some measures your business should be taking includes:

Security Assessment & Audit

The first step to navigating the world of cyber security is to fully understand your IT environment and requirements. We suggest conducting an assessment that includes a full audit of your IT systems to identify risks and weaknesses. It includes an entire review and documentation of IT assets, user log and password strength assessment, security policy review and determines staff security training requirements.

Staff Cyber Security Training

You don’t know, what you don’t know. The training BITS offers prepares your team to understand what they should be looking out for and when. It allows your business to keep track of your cyber security score through recommendations for improvement and enrolling employees in monthly training to increase cyber security awareness. We also run simulated phishing attacks and reports to identify if more training is required.

Want to get started? Here’s what’s next.

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*Australian Competition & Consumer Commission 2020