Only Give The Access Your Staff Require For Their Role

Keep an eye on who has access to what, and whether they need it. The more people have access to sensitive data, the more potential routes there for the wrong people to get access to it. If you give everybody access to everything, all it will take is for one account to become compromised. And before you know it criminals armed with malware will have access to your systems.

Just as important as this is how you manage the IT accounts of people who leave the business or change jobs internally. For example, if an employee switches from accounting to a management job in a completely different part of the business, they probably won’t need to keep access to all the data they needed for their last role.

Failing to adjust permissions only adds to your level of risk.

Install Updates And Replace Old Devices

Another important thing to watch out for is how frequently you’re installing updates on devices. This includes tablets and phones as well as computers. They must all be kept updated with the latest security patches – all it takes is one weak link for your whole business to potentially be compromised.

Make sure that you replace old devices that are no longer getting updates, or can’t support the latest versions of software. And of course, it’s also important to make sure that all devices are backed up in real time. Plus encrypted turning the data into unreadable garbage if the wrong person gets hold of your device.