Co-Managed IT Services

Access the IT services and support you need, when you need it.

Co-Managed IT Solutions 

We work with internal IT departments under a co-managed arrangement to perform just the IT functions you require and provide consulting services in a complimentary capacity. We think of ourselves as an extension of your business that is there when you need it. 

Working Together

Our co-managed services are designed to work alongside your existing IT to provide just the support that is needed. Although we tailor our package to your requirements, we commonly provide:

Level 2 & Above Support

While internal IT has the day-to-day covered, we help with research and recommendations, difficult or specialised support tasks and project work.

Leave Cover

We take care of level 1 and up support requests for your users while your IT team is on leave.

Self-Management Tools

Get access to our toolset for self-management, including training resources and adminstratror documentation.



Receive automated reports and alerts from our 24/7 proactive monitoring tool. We can also customise reports on request.


Cyber Security

Management of cyber security, including enrolling users into our cyber security awareness self-learning program.


Ongoing Advisory

Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly advisory meetings on existing and future IT infrastructure.

Client Success Manager

A dedicated BITS team member who will work with you to achieve your goals.


Audit Trail

A clear audit trail for IT changes when dealing with important systems and data.

Managed Cyber Security

Our security package was designed to meet our high standards at an affordable cost. We use best-in-class tools to manage and monitor a number of high-risk areas for our clients. 

Cyber Awareness Training

As part of our managed security package, cyber awareness training gives your staff access to ongoing security learning. Our training process is compiled into a report to help identify who could use additional training in certain areas. You also have access to templates, posters and more to help train your team on how to be safe online and how to best manage company data.

What’s included in our managed security package?


Password management tools
Securely store and share passwords amongst colleagues


DNS filtering and safeguard
Prevent access to potentially harmful or restricted websites


Intrusion detection and protection services
A layer of security for firewalls to prevent network attacks


Advanced threat management
Security policy configuration such as anti-spam & phishing


Two-factor authentication enforcement
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) implemented for all users


Dark web data monitoring
Monitor for breaches of passwords and personal information


Simulated attacks
Routine ‘fake attacks’ with reports on staff response

Talk To Our Consultant

Bernard is the Director at BITS Technology Group who works with clients to achieve their IT goals. During the first call we aim to learn about your business, the IT environment, introduce you to BITS and identify how we can help.

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