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Office 365 Specialists

As a Microsoft partner, we specialise in Office 365 migration and management across its suite of apps. Email hosting, file sharing, security, Teams calling and video conferencing and Azure AD single sign on are just a few of the services within this powerful business tool. The best part is that it easily scales up or down with fixed user costs giving you flexibility and ability to plan ahead.

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Office 365 Migration Simplified

A move to Office 365 is a step toward opening up new options and taking advantage of the latest that the cloud has to offer. Navigating the world possibilities starts with well defined outcomes and a clear path forward.


Our documentation process and expert advice aims to highlight the possibilities and align your goals to clear deliverables.



 A move to Office 365 is an opportunity to assess what data to move and what to get rid of to uncomplicate your IT environment.


Communication and transparency is key to a successful digital transformation project and underlays every step of our delivery process.

SharePoint Migration

Migrating data can be a complex process depending on the amount of data and how it’s structured. Whether moving from a cloud, on-premise or hybrid document management environment, our team will conduct an in-depth analysis to identify and rectify issues before they arise. We document all aspects of your data environment and talk to you about opportunities to get the most from your SharePoint instance. When it’s time to move your data into SharePoint, you will have a clear structure of how and when things will move across to help manage the change for your users.

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Stay Connected With Microsoft Teams

Create meetings with people inside and outside of your organisation, cut down on travel costs and securely store, share and collaborate on files from anywhere.

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1:1 and Group Chats

  • Chat in Teams is fast, intuitive, and has built in functionality that is easy to adopt. 
  • Chat with your colleagues one on one, or pull together up to 250 participants in a chat 
  • Share your screen 
  • Easily promote a chat to a phone or video 
  • Add someone to a chat and share all or part of the chat history

Co-author files and keep track of the conversation

  • Create documents, and share and edit them together in Teams 
  • Edit your files together, in real time – whether you are editing in Teams, in the browser, or working on a file in its desktop application, you can be confident that you and your co-workers are working on the latest version
  • Make sure everyone on your team has access to all necessary files. Simply place those documents into the shared file space in your channel
  • Teams supports 320 different file previewers – so you can open and preview content without having the associated app installed.

Organise team projects by channel

  • A team can be created for an entire organization, a department, a project, or even an interest group. Within that team, channels are dedicated sections to keep conversations organised by specific topics or projects. 
  • Some teams choose to create channels to organise different departments or workstreams (e.x. Marketing, Finance/Budget, Operations, Reporting, etc.). Others choose to create channels to track the progress of individual projects (e.x. create a distinct channel for individual clients or projects, to keep files organised and track work)
  • It is common to work on teams with contractors, consultants, or other types of people outside the boundaries of your company. Guest access allows those people to fully participate and collaborate right along with you.

Need Managed IT Services or Switching Providers?

If you need help with cloud migrations, infrastructure installation and management, ongoing support or cyber security, give us a call. Our managed IT services include unlimited support and proactive monitoring to keep you operating with minimum disruption.


Start With A Call

We start with a 30 minute meeting where we discuss your needs, potential options and gather information on your current environment.


Get An Assessment

If further investigation is required, we will arrange for an audit to be completed by a technician.


Our Recommendation

We will arrange to talk you through our recommendations and pricing so you have a clear understanding.