Meet the duo redefining the business of IT

BERNARD Mangelsdorf and Kane Sajdak aren’t your typical IT guys.

As the co-founders of BITS Technology Group, the duo strives to be a cut above the regular IT crowd; people who are undeniably great at fixing computers, yet lack the basic social skills and business finesse which the industry now demands.

Mangelsdorf and Sajdak both came from IT and business backgrounds to establish BITS, the former with experience in small enterprise and the latter within large companies including Queensland Airports Limited and Free Choice.

Sajdak says it was a match made in heaven, combining a high level of technical prowess with business savvy and experience dealing with ASX-listed companies.

“After working in IT management for a while, it became apparent to me that I was good at doing the translation; sitting with people who needed a solution, but didn’t necessarily know a lot about IT,” says Sajdak.

“On the other hand, Bernard had all the technical pieces, but he didn’t have experience in the same sectors, so it was a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario.”

When the duo joined forces, they decided to establish an IT firm that would set the pace within a rapidly changing industry, offering services based on proactive outcomes rather than ad hoc resources.

It didn’t take long before this model caught on and BITS engaged heavy-hitting publicly listed companies.

The core business streams of BITS include Managed IT Services, Consulting and Projects, Cloud, VoIP Communications and Internet Connectivity. Today its client group boasts listed companies including G8 Education and Ardent Leisure.

National Veterinary Care (ASX: NVL) has also taken on BITS as its sole technology solutions provider with the goal to streamline IT and improve operation efficiencies within the function.

The Queensland-based veterinary giant doesn’t employ an in-house tech team and instead engages BITS to assist with all aspects of IT including strategy through to support for a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff team.

Dealing with such a calibre of client might present an insurmountable task to other independent IT providers, but for BITS size is no object.

“We approach our clients with a ‘work smarter, not harder’ mentality. The solutions we use for our clients are centrally managed and scalable,” says Sajdak.

“With a client like National Vet Care, who are scaling at a rapid rate, or businesses like G8 Education who have more than 550 locations, they need systems that can grow when they do.”

“Whenever we talk to a company it’s with this idea in mind, and the benefit is that smaller companies also get the same tool set. All of the services we offer are priced to scale.”

For BITS, success isn’t just an overnight goal that boils down to dollars and cents on the balance sheet.

According to Sajdak the duo plan to dominate the IT game for life, actively seeking clients who share their own sense of loyalty.

“We’re not a company that’s out to acquire any and every client,” says Sajdak.

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