Gold Coast businesses can provide internet at NBN speeds two-years ahead of roll out

FAST internet speeds are still more than two years away for two-thirds of the Gold Coast but there are at least two solutions for those who cannot wait.

Without the NBN, internet speeds in the region will only reach a maximum of 12Mbps on a good day.

Varsity Lakes company BITS Wireless say they can more than double that with speeds of up to 30Mbps.

New Zealand company Freedom internet say they can reach similar speeds in their buildings on the Gold Coast. The NBN will take another two years to be rolled out and then will only reach about 25Mbps.

The glacial rollout of the national network has been an embarrassment for the Federal Government.

Freedom internet sales manager Charlotte Norris said their technology was already available in 180 buildings on the Gold Coast.

The company works by using radio technology and a series of satellite dishes connected to fibre optics.

Buildings are wired with fibre cables and if there is no fibre to the building, radio technology and satellites are used instead.

“People see a massive difference in speed,” Ms Norris said.

Mr Norris said unlimited data plans cost about $70 a month.

BITS Wireless director Bernard Mangelsdorf said using technology similar to the NBN fixed point-to-point wireless, their company was already providing fast internet to Gold Coasters.

Mr Mangelsdorf said he was concerned that by the time NBN was rolled out to Gold Coasters the technology would already be outdated.

“With the full fibre there is heaps of room to improve the speed,” he said. “With the fibre to the node, 20Mbps is as good as it is going to get.”

The company started providing internet to those who were unable to access broadband at all and are now offering to those who want faster speeds.

The faster speeds are achieved by installing an antennae on a building roof.

Mr Mangelsdorf said plans were about the same price as many ADSL plans, with the most basic plan costing $60 a month for 100GB.

A similar NBN plan from Telstra will cost about $75 a month.

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