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VoIP Phone Systems

BITS Unified Communications is our suite of (internet protocol) IP telephony, chat, video conferencing and collaboration services spanning multiple platforms and devices – from having video conferences in your boardroom to answering toll-free calls from your mobile phone when you are overseas, all with the same extension as if you were sitting in your office. By using cutting edge cloud hosting technologies we do away with the need for permanent fixed line rentals and their expensive overheads, or PABX systems that need to be mounted to your office wall and cabled throughout.

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VoIP vs. On-site Phone System

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Managed Telephony

Our range of managed VoIP telephone options are developed to give you the most flexibility when choosing configuration options, apps and hardware. Plus, you can reduce call costs internally and externally, including free company calls.

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Collaboration Services

As a Microsoft partner, Teams is our preferred platform to achieve goals for team projects, internal and external communications and video conferencing. Our team can also advise on onboarding for a smooth transition.


Our team will assess your networking infrastucture and give recommendations to maximise your VoIP phone system. We can also manage, maintain and provide support for your local network with our BITS Managed Network Devices package.

Cloud Calling

A complete phone system hosted in the cloud that you can access with a device or an app. This cost-effective, scalable and flexible option also enables staff to work away from the office while retaining access to the system.

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Why choose BITS for your business communications?

Scale As Needed

Phone systems aren’t limited to on-site hardware. They are connected via the internet to infrastructure that can easily scale.


Local Support

Your experienced support team are all located in Australia with localised New Zealand support for NZ clients.

Flexible Phone Systems

Phone systems aren’t limited to a single location. Move them to anywhere that has a stable internet connection.